Damsel In Defense

I am not only a survivor of domestic violence but also a member of Damsel In Defense. Damsel in Defense is a direct sales company whose goal is to equip, empower, and educate women to protect themselves and their families. We do this by offering unique and exclusive products and opportunities for individuals to earn an income while equipping those they care about. While all of our products are considered non-lethal, some states still place restrictions on which products you can use to defend yourself. You will find stun devices, pepper spray, concealed carry bags, RFID wallets, security on the go, SAFE Hearts Family Education, and even digital defense.
I stand behind the products I carry and am committed to high product quality standards. On occasion, a product may need to be returned or an item may be defective. I am happy to assist you with returning/exchanging the product, just contact me. Not only are our product quality standards extremely high, but Damsel In Defense offers a Lifetime Warranty* and Incident Replacement Policy. If you ever use or lose your product in self-defense, Damsel in Defense will replace that item for free when you provide a police report.
Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, to host a party ( virtual or in-person) or to become a rep yourself. Click Here to be taken to my personal Damsel In Defense catalog and learn more!
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